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seaside seawall iconSwapping Vinyl for Steel Seawalls on Lake Chemung in Howell Mi.

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Seaside Seawalls has taken on a rather large project in Howell, MI.  Our team is working on 10 consecutive lots which border Lake Chemung’s water’s edge.  This supersized task involves replacing the weather-beaten vinyl seawalls that are currently in place with new durable galvanized steel seawalls.  Each plot of land that we are working on ranges from thirty to thirty-eight feet in width which totals nearly three hundred-eighty feet of Lake Chemung’s shoreline. We are replacing the vinyl walls due to their age and weather-beaten condition. The Michigan winters have been harsh and the consistent ice pressure year after year has caused the vinyl to weaken to the point of becoming an inadequate structure.  This proves again that galvanized steel seawalls are the perfect material choice for seawalls in Michigan.  They are designed to withstand the dynamic ever-changing environments and when properly installed, will protect the waterfront property from its natural Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconSeaside Seawall Gives Steel Seawall on Otter Lake a ‘Face-lift’

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Seaside Seawall was called to aid a Waterford, MI homeowner who was concerned about the failing steel seawall on their property. Upon inspection, our team of professionals detected that the wall had incorrectly installed anchors and tiebacks and lacked a suitable drainage system. Problems will definitely occur when there is a weak or nonexistent drainage system. If the weep holes become clogged they won’t allow the ground water to flow out and can this will cause water back-up landward. If the filter fabric behind the weep holes is missing, the soil and landfill is able to escape through and run into the water, thus weakening the wall’s support.  The purpose of properly installed weep holes is to relieve the hydrostatic pressure that’s put against the seawall by the collection of ground water behind it.  And without a proper erosion control system, the pressure from the stagnant water or leakage of Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconWeakened Seawall Gains New Strength in Waterford, MI

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

If you are a Michigander you know how brutal the winters can be here. Mother Nature bares no mercy on anything that is openly exposed to winter’s bone-chilling outdoor elements year after year. The professionals at Seaside Seawall are all too familiar with Mother Nature’s fury and know just what procedures to preform to repair any damages left behind. This week, Seaside Seawall is restoring a steel seawall in Waterford, MI. Ice pressure from the last winter season caused the wall to move a few inches out of its original position triggering it to lean toward the water thus weakening the wall. To restore strength to the wall, our professionals installed tiebacks together with anchors to keep it at its existing position.  Workers are also installing weep-holes every 3 lineal ft along the wall. This procedure has been a proven benefit in draining off accumulated moisture from condensation or seepage Read the full article…