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seaside seawall iconGalvanized Steel Seawall Installed on Sylvan Lake in Oakland County, Michigan

Friday, June 1st, 2012
Building a galvanized steel seawall on Sylvan Lake_Oakland County_Michigan

During the Spring, Seaside Seawalls completed a gorgeous galvanized steel seawall for a customer situated on Sylvan Lake in Waterford, Michigan. Waterford is located in the greater Oakland County, and is home to approximately 71,707 residents. With many of these homes located around the numerous lakes that Oakland County’s “Lakeland paradise” has to offer, this is a popular area in which our team often works.   For this particular job, Seaside Seawalls was contacted in order to replace a pre-existing seawall, which was over 35 years old, rusting, and failing. Failing seawalls are something that we see a lot of in our line of work, as we are often contacted to replace old seawalls and construct newer ones in their place. A failing seawall is usually due to a combination of poor construction efforts (i.e. not inserting the pilings deep enough into the ground) and the extreme weather changes we Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconBlack Steel Seawall on Green Lake in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
black steel seawall_riprap_Green Lake_West Bloomfield_MI

Here at Seaside Seawalls, we are proud to announce the recent completion of a black steel seawall on the beautiful Green Lake in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Green lake is a very calm and tranquil lake, as it is only 100 acres with no public access, and is therefore a peaceful paradise for the residential community who reside there. Seaside Seawalls was contacted in order to remove this particular resident’s existing seawall, as it was over 35 years old and therefore failing. However, any construction within the private residential community situated on Green Lake requires several permits. This meant that our team not only had to acquire a DEQ permit (as usual), but two additional permits. Since West Bloomfield is part of the greater Oakland County, we had to obtain an OCDC Permit (Oakland County Drain Commission) as well as a West Bloomfield Wetland Permit. The West Bloomfield Wetland Permit even Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconGalvanized Steel Seawall, Platform Deck and Dock Installed on Hiland Lake in Pinckney, Michigan

Friday, May 18th, 2012
galvanized steel seawall-platform deck-L-shaped dock-Hiland Lake-Pinckney Michigan

Seaside Seawalls has recently completed a beautiful new galvanized steel seawall, a gray composite platform deck, and a permanent L-shaped dock for a residential property situated on Hiland Lake in Pinckney, Michigan. This project took a little over two weeks to complete, but we would love to update you with the details and even some pictures of this particular project! Pinckney, which many of you Michigan-natives will know, is located in Livingston County – one of Michigan’s “cabinet counties” that is home to approximately 180,967 residents. With a total area of 585.43 square miles (with 17.03 square miles of that being water), Livingston County is also home to several lakes and rivers – Hiland Lake being just one of them. Our team was contacted to install a galvanized steel seawall as well as a gray composite deck and L-shaped dock for this particular client residing on Hiland Lake. Not only Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconNew Black Steel Seawall & Boardwalk on Cass Lake in Waterford, Michigan!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
Black Steel Seawall and Boardwalk in Waterford Michigan

Seaside Seawalls is proud to announce the ongoing installation of a black steel seawall, brand new boardwalk, and the reattachment of dock slips for a residential client in Waterford, Michigan. Waterford belongs to the county of Oakland, and is home to approximately 71, 707 residents. Waterford is known as a “Lakeland Paradise”, boasting a total of 34 lakes that both residents and visitors frequently make use of. The community of Waterford has a total area of 35.3 square miles, with 31.3 square miles of that being land, and 4.0 square miles being water. Due to the harsh nature of Michigan winters, Seaside Seawalls was contacted in order to replace this residential property’s existing seawall, which was failing due to being short-sheeted. What this means is that after several years of exposure to harsh winter conditions, frost got under the short-sheeted pilings and pushed the previous seawall upwards (approximately 8 inches!). Read the full article…