Michigan Retaining walls enhance appearance while protecting your property!

Michigan Retaining Walls

Wood Timber Retaining Walls

timber michigan retaining wall

Vertical wood timber retaining walls are a very popular choice among property owners. Their ability to retain exceedingly heavy amounts of backfill pressure make them an extremely effective way to prevent downslope movement on your property. Supplemented by our exclusive steel tie-back system, Seaside Seawalls delivers an unmatched level of quality vertical wood timber walls.

Stackable – Segmented Retaining Wall

Segmented and stackable michigan retaining wall

Segmental retaining walls have been used throughout the United States for over 20 years. Combining this older technology with newer materials and modern design these walls provide an unprecedented ability to retain soil while being statuesque and regal in demeanor.

Steel Sheet Piling

steel piling michigan retaining wall

Like our seawall counterparts, steel sheet piling retaining walls are designed for Michigan retaining walls in need of above average height and extremely heavy backfill pressures. Steel does a fantastic job in this area while enhancing the look of your property with its elegant lines.

Rock Retaining Wall

michigan rock retaining wall

Most commonly found along river homes a “Rip-Rap Seawall” is the rock wall’s younger sibling. A very cost effective and fantastic looking fieldstone wall will set a picturesque scene while secretly protecting your property from erosion and loss year round.