Beach Renovation in White Lake Michigan

Seaside Seawall will be operating in the White Lake, Michigan area! Our mission: to construct a beach paradise for one of the Lake’s homeowners. We will start by dredging the water beginning at the shoreline up to 25′ out into the lake to create a pristine clean area. After the spoils have been hauled away, the next step to creating the blissful beach will be to roll out a large piece of fabric mesh that will serve as the base for the beach sand. Two tons of beach sand will be poured over the mesh fabric and spread evenly to cover the entire space. Since the beach sand’s volume is much denser, the sand will not wash away.

To complete the serene scene, Seaside Seawall is also constructing a 25’ x 3’ permanent dock for the property. The dock will be built with treated lumber top board and the plan is to return at a later date to add and extension.

This renovation will surely bring its property owners years of pleasurable times. Summer is upon us, now is the time to get out those old ideas of upgrading your property and creating your very own piece of nirvana.
Call us let us help you make your dreams come true.

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