Seaside Seawall Gives Steel Seawall on Otter Lake a ‘Face-lift’

Seaside Seawall was called to aid a Waterford, MI homeowner who
was concerned about the failing steel seawall on their property. Upon
inspection, our team of professionals detected that the wall had incorrectly
installed anchors and tiebacks and lacked a suitable drainage system.

Problems will definitely occur when there is a weak or nonexistent
drainage system. If the weep holes become clogged they won’t allow the ground
water to flow out and can this will cause water back-up landward. If the filter
fabric behind the weep holes is missing, the soil and landfill is able to
escape through and run into the water, thus weakening the wall’s support.  The purpose of properly installed weep holes is
to relieve the hydrostatic pressure that’s put against the seawall by the collection
of ground water behind it.  And without a
proper erosion control system, the pressure from the stagnant water or leakage of
soil will cause the support of the seawall to deteriorate. Add to that,
improperly installed anchors and tiebacks and you have a frail seawall that is
on its way to collapsing.

To alleviate the problems Seaside Seawall is giving the
seawall a ‘face-lift’. We are installing weep holes with the filter fabric to
ensure proper drainage and also repositioning the anchors and tiebacks to give
this seawall the appropriate support it needs to survive the ever-changing
Michigan seasons.

Repair problems can be very inconvenient and costly to the
homeowner. It is important that when you hire a contractor to install a
seawall, retaining wall, etc., be sure that you understand what your contractor
is proposing to do. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the development. Stay
involved with the project’s progress and lastly, but most importantly, do not ‘cut
corners’ to save money, it will most likely end up costing you more down the

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