Swapping Vinyl for Steel Seawalls on Lake Chemung in Howell Mi.

Seaside Seawalls has taken on a rather large project in Howell, MI.  Our team is working on 10 consecutive lots which border Lake Chemung’s water’s edge.  This supersized task involves replacing the weather-beaten vinyl seawalls that are currently in place with new durable galvanized steel seawalls.  Each plot of land that we are working on ranges from thirty to thirty-eight feet in width which totals nearly three hundred-eighty feet of Lake Chemung’s shoreline. We are replacing the vinyl walls due to their age and weather-beaten condition. The Michigan winters have been harsh and the consistent ice pressure year after year has caused the vinyl to weaken to the point of becoming an inadequate structure.  This proves again that galvanized steel seawalls are the perfect material choice for seawalls in Michigan.  They are designed to withstand the dynamic ever-changing environments and when properly installed, will protect the waterfront property from its natural exposure to erosion and impede the exchange of sediment between land and lake (ie: erosion).  The installation of the steel seawalls will provide a long lasting maintenance-free solution as well as being an aesthetically pleasing upgrade for the home owners on Lake Chemung. Are you thinking of renovating your property?  Our highly experienced marine construction specialists at Seaside Seawalls can provide a wide range of marine construction services such as seawall repair, new installation or removal of boat wells, boat docks, boat hoists,  beach sanding, dredging and cleaning waterfront property, and more.  We offer a variety of construction materials.  Don’t worry if you are not construction savvy, you can rely on Seaside Seawalls to advise you on which application would be most appropriate for your property location and budget.  Contact our specialists and let us help make your marine dreams come true.

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