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seaside seawall iconSeaside Seawalls Joins the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce

Thursday, May 14th, 2015
Seaside Seawalls Joins Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce

Big news at Seaside Seawalls this week! We are both excited and proud to announce that we are one of the newest members of the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce! Located in the heart of the quaint, yet beautiful City of Brighton, The Chamber has members all across the lower half of Michigan. Additionally, the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce has two separate Chambers within it: the Pinckney, Putnam, Hamburg, Hell Chamber of Commerce, and the Whitmore Lake Chamber of Commerce. Since these two Chambers fall under the umbrella of the Brighton Chamber, they are able to enjoy the same benefits as local members. With the 3 core standards of value, integrity, and leadership as the principles guiding their vision, the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce aims to promote opportunities for local businesses by fostering a successful business community. How does this benefit us? Apart from the Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconUpdate on Boat Well and Black Steel Seawall Project on the Shiawassee River in Linden, MI

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
After completed black steel seawall_boat well_boardwalk on Shiawassee River MI

Here at Seaside Seawalls, we are pleased to announce the completion of the boat well and black steel seawall project on the Shiawassee River in Linden, Michigan! The Shiawassee River is one of many rivers that runs through Michigan’s Genesee County. The river itself is approximately 120 miles long and is home to over 59 fish and freshwater species! To refresh your memory, we posted about this project back in March of this year. The job was necessary because the residential customer wanted a place to dock his boat on the narrow Shiawassee River. Installing a dock was not feasible due to the river being so narrow, as it would disturb the navigation of other boats through this area. Last time we updated you, we had just begun the project and had started excavating the area that would become our boat well. We had to ensure that we were very Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconHow to Build a Seawall

Monday, June 25th, 2012
installing the anchors and tiebacks for the seawall

Shoreline erosion is one of the most common reasons why persons with a waterfront property decide to have a seawall built. In a nutshell, shoreline erosion is the wearing away of the land (or shoreline – where the sand meets the water) due to weather, drainage problems, and other environmental conditions. Harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold as well as storms can accelerate the process of shoreline erosion. This forces residents with waterfront properties to either have a seawall installed (if one is not already in place, of course), or to have their existing seawall repaired. If the customer already has a seawall in place, but is noticing shoreline erosion problems, it is generally advised that a new seawall be built in order to slow down the erosion process.  There are many construction companies out there who offer the installation of a new seawall at a fairly Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconWhat makes a quality seawall company

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

When considering any marine construction it is very important to do your homework when choosing a company to build your seawall. Seaside Seawalls is constantly hired to repair botched and improperly installed walls from inexperienced or just plain lazy contractors. The following example is meant to help you guys/gals know a few basic things to look for when starting and or contracting your project. Recently Seaside Seawalls came across three adjacent waterfront homeowners in Commerce Township Mi. who all had their steel seawalls installed years back by a corner cutting contractor. He was the lowest price point of the three quotes they obtained, and he cut corners during seawall installation to make up the difference. These particular homeowners were what we call “short sheeted”. Short Sheeting is when the contractor saves money by using shorter than required steel sheet pilings to make up the cost difference they lose when under Read the full article…