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seaside seawall iconThrowback Thursday: A Dual Seawall Construction Job on Coon Lake in Howell, Michigan

Thursday, October 15th, 2015
throwing it back to a job on coon lake in howell mi

Consistent with the theme for our Throwback Thursday series, today we are going to take a look at a previous seawall construction job on Coon Lake. Coon Lake is an all-sports private lake located in Howell, Michigan. It is approximately 106 acres in size with a maximum depth of 50 feet. A popular destination for fishermen and women alike, Coon Lake offers a variety of fish such as bluegill, sunfish, warmouth, perch, crappie, carp, northern pike, and largemouth bass to name a few. With a plethora of fish species in this lake, those who enjoy fishing are very likely to get a good catch here! Throwing it Back to Our “Dual” Seawall Construction Project This job was pretty unique, due to the fact that it was kind of a “dual” seawall construction project. What we mean by this is that we actually constructed two different types of seawall for this Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconThrowback Thursday: Steel Seawall Construction on Union Lake for Former Detroit Lion!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015
throwback to a previous seawall construction on union lake

Welcome back to another installation of Throwback Thursday! Today, we’re going to revisit a job that we’re pretty proud of – a brand new black steel seawall built on Union Lake in West Bloomfield, MI. This job is even cooler because of the fact that we built it for a local celebrity! That’s right, folks – the Seaside Seawalls team constructed this beautiful steel seawall for a former Detroit Lion! For privacy reasons, we obviously cannot disclose the name of this player, however, we can tell you that he did play for the Detroit Lions for over a decade! West Bloomfield: Home to the Gorgeous and Plentiful Union Lake Anyway, back to business. As previously mentioned, this seawall was constructed on the gorgeous Union Lake, which is located in Oakland County in the northwest corner of West Bloomfield. Union Lake is home to several fish species, including black crappie, bluegill, Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconThrowback Thursday: Revisiting a Thompson Lake Vinyl Piling Seawall Project from Yesteryear

Thursday, November 21st, 2013
throwback_thursday_black steel seawall constructed on Union Lake

In honor of this week’s “Throwback Thursday”, let’s hit rewind and take a trip down memory lane by revisiting a previous vinyl seawall project from ‘07. How It All Began It was a beautiful sunny Friday in Howell, Michigan. While it seemed as though everyone else was taking it easy that week, being just 3 days after Independence Day, my fellow team members and I had to limit the number of festive family bonfires and patriotic celebrations we’d attend. Gone were the days of lounging by the lake, with an ice cold beverage in one hand and a freshly barbecued burger in the other, basking in the hot summer sun, without a care in the world. Nope, not this week – we had work to do! A Seawall A Day Keeps Erosion Away! Lucky for us, this job was a fair size smaller than our typical seawall installation projects, which Read the full article…

seaside seawall iconTop 5 Reasons to Choose a Vinyl Piling Seawall

Thursday, October 31st, 2013
Vinyl is a sustainable long lasting material

One type of seawall that we have not yet shed too much light on is a vinyl piling seawall. Vinyl seawalls, also known as PVC seawalls, are a popular choice among waterfront property owners in Michigan due to their ability to be installed without machinery & special tools. While certainly superior to a wooden seawall, a vinyl seawall can never fully trump a steel seawall and the many characteristics that make it our most sustainable and top recommended type of wall. However, there are lots of great reasons for choosing a vinyl seawall for your waterfront property. Here are the top four: Reason #1: Vinyl Seawalls are Inexpensive Compared to their counterparts, vinyl piling material for seawalls are relatively inexpensive. This is probably the main reason that many customers first ask about vinyl as opposed to other materials, such as steel or certain rock. While indeed the construction of any Read the full article…